Door County Veterinary Hospital

3915 Old HWY Rd.
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235


    Spring Tips:     

  ~As the weather warms up take your pet(s) to a dog park or on longer walks to get rid of "cabin fever."

~While gardening be careful not to leave tools outside where your pet could possibly injure themselves.

~Keep your pets in mind as you use chemicals on your lawn or in your garden.

~Use Frontline monthly to protect your pet against fleas and ticks.

~Use the proper flea and tick control.  Depending on your cat or dog some over ther counter products can be toxic.

~Also use Heartgard monthly to protect your pet from heartworm disease.

~When you open windows be sure that screens are in place to prevent your pet from falling from a window.

~Be sure to keep your pet away from Easter decorations, such as plastic grass, which can become twisted in the intestine. Also keep them away from Easter candy.

~Try to prevent pets from drinking out of standing water, such as puddles.  Puddles are a great breeding ground for parasites.

~Springtime is mating season! Keep an extra eye on un-spayed or un-neutered pets.