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Summer Tips!


During the hot summer months there are things that 
you as a pet owner should be aware of...

~ Make sure that you properly clean your pets ears after swimming.
        *to learn how, go to our pet library!
~ If you are going to be on the water and are unsure of your pet's swimming capabilities put a life vest on him/her.
~ Sun block can be used on light colored pets, or pets with thin coats.  Use baby sunblock spf 30 or greater.
~ Heat Stroke - Watch for:
        *rapid panting
        *bright red tongue
        *dark red gums or pale gums
        *salivating (thick)
        *muscle tremors
        *vomiting (possibly with blood)
        *diarrhea (possibly with blood)
        *bleeding from nose
                -How to avoid:
                                *never leave pet in parked car
                                *provide plenty of shade when outside
                                *provide fresh cool water
                                *avoid strenuous activity in high temperatures
                 -Treatment may include:
                                *placing  pet in cool wet towels
                                *puttting rubbing alcohol on paws, to aid in evaporation
                                *cooling the environment by turning fans, A/C on
                                *administration of  appropriate medications or oxygen if necessary
~Water intake
        *if your pet drinks too much water too quickly they may vomit
~Chemical lawn fertilizers
        *be aware of the lawns that your pet may be walking on or eating the grass from
~Insect Repellent
        *1 cap of Skin So Soft in 1 pint of water in spray bottle is a safe insect repellant for dogs.